MILO for Education

“MILO for Education” is a free educational app that is designed to give all users an interactive experience in machine learning (ML). It requires no coding, no software engineering and no ML experience, just easy to use for all users.

It is specifically designed for binary classification machine learning modeling that is based on numerical tabular data.

Sample Public domain datasets are provided for your convenience in the “User Guide” Section of this Website.

These will allow you to get started right away with your educational journey in the world of Machine Learning 

Note: “MILO for Education” does not work with image or text data.

By downloading “MILO for Education” from the link below, you confirm that you have read, understand and will follow license terms noted here.

 Click the link below to download MILO from Docker Hub

Direct Download from Docker Hub

After you have downloaded MILO, go to the installation guide video (linked below):

MILO’s Step by Step Installation Guide Video